Lois Wendus has the skill and the ability to reach even the most reluctant readers. She has been working with my daughter for a few months.  My daughter was a full grade level behind in reading, and she had also developed some strong avoidance behaviors.  My daughter is now reading on grade level and she enjoys reading for pleasure!  I imagine that she will enter school next year reading above grade level if she continues to progress at this rate.  There was extreme improvement noted by her teachers.  She has continued to progress with Lois supporting her.

I have been teaching for 26 years.  It is easy for me to recognize a skilled educator, someone who is dedicated to her craft. Lois is highly experienced and she also possesses the passion to reach those students who may otherwise meet with great frustration and disappointment in a busy classroom.

Lois was highly recommended to our family and I would also highly recommend her, without hesitation.  It has been a pleasure to work with Lois and it has been wonderful to see my daughter become someone who loves to read!

Shari Jackson

Wapping Elementary School, South Windsor, CT

Lois was able to teach my child to read when the school system couldn’t.
Parent of former tutoring client

Our son has worked with Lois for a few years, and she has helped him become a stronger, more confident reader.
Parent of former tutoring client

Lois Wendus, founder of Leaps in Learning, has helped my 10-year-old attain grade level in less than six months. My daughter was a year and a half behind grade level at her private school. With Lois’s expertise in being able to identify quickly how my daughter learned best, Lois designed a plan to return my daughter to grade level that was both fun and effective. My daughter went from getting only 4 out of 20 spelling words correct to 100% correct utilizing Lois’s techniques. I would highly recommend Leaps in Learning for any child who is having difficulty, and for any parent who wants his or her child to read with fluency at grade level and exceed personal educational goals.
Marlo Bish

I was searching for a local service to help my son with reading and I am so incredibly grateful Leaps In Learning popped up in my search. Ms. Wendus is WONDERFUL. My son is becoming more and more confident each time we come. Her teaching approach is extremely positive and informative. Throughout the hour long session, she is not only teaching the child but she follows up with encouragement which makes all the difference in the world! I HIGHLY recommend Ms. Wendus from Leaps in Learning to help your child with reading instruction.
Rebecca Sullivan

I was in middle school and had trouble with reading, writing, and math so my parents put me into tutoring at the school which wasn’t helping at all. Then, my mom put me into tutoring outside of school with Ms. Wendus which we have found super helpful. I’m now in college with A grades in writing and math! I RECOMMEND LEAPS IN LEARNING.
Sean Pardee